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Things To Remember When Looking For A Candle Manufacturing Company

To most of the people who use the candle during the emergency time, when there are no lights, all the candles seem to look alike, but to those who use the candle regularly can spot the differences. Several companies are producing candles today and for one to get a candle from Fox & Feather Co that manufactures candles of the best quality they need to look at various aspects. It is vital for the individual to know the ingredients that have been used to produce the candles first for them to decide which company to pick. A candle should be made from natural things that are not a health hazard to our bodies, the wax should be made of non-petroleum products like the bee wax or the soy wax, the oil used should be the natural essential oils, the best wick should be made out of cotton; the cotton wick last longer. For the containers should be made of recyclable metals and glass. The candle either have the scent or be natural, for the scent it should be made out of products that are safe to burn and also the products that are produced after burning are not a health hazard to our bodies.

Candles come in various sizes; the two, four, eight, sixteen oz candle, an individual should know the size of the candle they require. The size determines the number of hours the candle can burn, for the size two can burn between eight and twelve hours while for the size eight it can burn for twenty-four to thirty hours while the size sixteen can burn for fifty to fifty-five hours. Another factor that individuals should use to determine the right candle manufacturing company is the price, and the price will vary from one company to another. Before choosing the company an individual should contact the various companies available and inquire about their prices compare them to get the best prices, also an individual should inquire if the company offers the wholesale pricing and also ask for discounts. When buying in bulk it will be cheaper if you get the candles at a wholesale price, sometimes an individual may obtain a candle manufacturing company which are not within the locality. For a company that is far, an individual should inquire if the company does offer shipping services and if they offer the services the individual should consider the prices of shipping and the time it will take to ship the candles to the destination. For more info, visit -

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